Technical Services Technology is at the core of GPS Renewables’ operations. The Biogas Plant Services Division focuses on R&D to enable the best solution for your biogas plants and waste disposal management. GPS Renewables remains invested in building customer-centric innovative products in the waste-to-energy space.








Biogas System Revival

More than 45% of the biogas plants in India are dysfunctional. Biogas systems are anaerobic digesters which generate gas through a biological process in the absence of oxygen. The biochemical aspects of such a system need to be monitored for sustained stable operations. GPS Renewables has in-depth expertise in stable operations of anaerobic digesters through its Biourja deployments.The Services division provides solutions to enhance the functionality of existing biogas systems.

The revival process is as follows:


  • Customer interaction to identify the client’s perspective of the problem

  • Site evaluation to identify the issues in the operational and technical functionality of the system

  • Biochemical evaluation to identify the root cause of the dysfunctionality and to plan for solutions

  • Analysis and action plan to handhold the customer through each stage of recovery








Laboratory Trials

GPS Renewables lab reactors have proved to be highly successful in demonstrating the effective performance of our innovative high rate anaerobic digestion process for the treatment of various diverse feedstock. Clients having diverse feedstock like wheat bran, pharma effluent or exotic fruit waste, approach us for biomethanation plant design.

The pilot trials undertaken on diverse feedstock focus on:


  • Identifying feedstock properties as well as evaluation of co-digestion

  • Effective digester design for best biogas yield

  • Good solids capture whilst maintaining a healthy biomass

  • Methodology for quick start-up and achievement of steady state conditions

  • Ease of operation

  • Good chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal




Bio-maintenance Services

The reason most of the biogas plants (anaerobic digesters) perform in a suboptimal manner is due to lack of monitoring. Half of the systems in the country are not monitored for the basic parameters nor is the gas production measured. In cases where basic monitoring is performed, only the pH of the system which is a lagging indicator is evaluated. GPS Renewables’ testing methodology depends not on the pH but on the acidity and alkalinity of the system. This enables early identification of stress conditions preventing any breakdowns. Depending on the nature of the feedstock, ammonia inhibition or over-acidification can lead to system breakdowns. Clients subscribing to the GPS Renewables service offering have the opportunity to get early warning signals as well as recovery action plans. This reduces the total cost of operations as recovery costs are much higher than prevention of breakdown.



Integrated Automation Services

The complete lack of measurement of gas production and monitoring of the biogas plant health leads to biogas plants becoming dysfunctional or performing suboptimally. GPS Renewables offers a retro-fitting service for gas measurement and enhancing the cooking experience by modifying the pressure and the point of consumption. This increases the gas utilization and reduces cooking times to be at par with LPG cooking through increased fuel combustion.