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The ‘Internet of Things’ Startup Turning your Waste to Energy

Factor Daily, August 2016: “GPS Renewables, the startup which has come up with this solution, is taking the process of making biogas into the future.”

How to Shrink a Biogas Plant

Forbes India, July 2016: “Bulk and lack of maintenance are the bane of biogas plants. GPS renewables overcame these hurdles with Biourja, a compact, sensor-monitored product. The company is now taking it beyond India.”

GPS Renewables – Transforming Food Waste into Energy

Business World, June 2016: “GPS Renewables solving the urban organic waste management problem in an economical and environmentally clean way”

A Bengaluru Start-Up Converting Surplus Food into Fuel

The News Minute, May 2016: “GPS Renewables came about as a result of these engineers wanting to use technology for the city’s good.”

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Ink Talk – GPS Renewables by Mainak Chakraborty


Petrofed India Conference, Nov 2014





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