Custom Solutions GPS Renewables provides custom offerings which enhance the waste management and disposal needs of the customers. This includes organic waste shredders, sludge dewatering systems, predigestors, automated gas management systems, sludge mixers and scum removers. GPS Renewables is constantly developing new solutions to improve the waste-to-energy issues for its customers.



Organic Waste Shredders

Biomethanation works better if the waste is shredder into finer particles. Thus feeding of the system becomes a critical part in managing a stable Biogas plant. GPS Renewables developed its own bio-waste shredder based on its onfield experience with biogas plants. These shredders are a perfect fit for any biogas plant or composting solution.



Sludge Dewatering Systems

Sludge dewatering systems enable the recovery of organic solids from the disposable sludge from biogas plants. These solids can be reintroduced for higher gas production or can be utilised as soil amendment or fertilizers. GPS Renewables proprietary dewatering system has been developed with an eye of improving the effectiveness of biogas plants and superior slurry disposal.




For biogas plants suffering from inferior gas productivity, the solution lies in enhancing the hydrolysis step in anaerobic digestion. For the conventional plant users, GPS Renewables pre-digester comes through as an effective plug and play system for increasing the biogas production by 50%.




Automated Gas Management

Effective gas management and storage is key to a good kitchen experience with biogas. Most conventional systems suffer from poor gas usage design and a lack of proper gas storage, leading to customers losing interest in using the gas produced. GPS Renewables offers an automated gas management solution to enable customers to effectively improve their kitchen experience by using better burners, higher gas flow and pressure, at source of usage.



Sludge Mixers

A significant percentage of traditional systems suffer from ineffective mixing of the biodigester. This leads to localized pH drops and improper digestion ultimately resulting in total failure of the systems. Custom mixers by GPS Renewables enable the systems to have constant flux in the digester thereby increasing stability.




Scum Removers and Anti-Foaming solutions

Both physical and chemical solutions exist for removing scum from the digesters. Scum formation is a stumbling block for a stable digester leading to gas buildup as well as accumulating the non-digestibles at the top of the digester. Scum breakers as well as chemical intervention enables the systems to come back on track to stable operations. Anaerobic digestion foaming is a common operation problem in biogas plants with negative impacts on the biogas plants economy and environment.